Learn what an IT support company does

Learn what an IT support company does
By  Admin  |   28 Apr 2021

Do you know any company that does not make the use of computers, internet or at least management software in their daily lives? Hard to name one, right? Even the smallest companies need to use tools to make their business work

Now, imagine if it all stopped working? What would happen to the income from these businesses? IT support companies are there to avoid this kind of problem.

Do you want to better understand what this kind of company does? In this post we explain everything in detail, check it out:

What is IT support?

An IT support company performs technological services with the aim of offering assistance to an infrastructure. Professionals in this area are responsible for ensuring that a company's tools, servers, machines, equipment and systems are always working as expected. 

IT support can also act in data protection, implementing processes and methods that improve business security.

IT support is also known as Help Desk and Service Desk. But these two are a little different: while Help Desk acts as a technical support to solve simpler issues, the Service Desk involves more complex demands that require strategic knowledge.

Functions of IT support

Now that you understand what IT support is, let's explain its three main functions: 

Fix infrastructure issues

The support can act in the configuration of servers and workstations, definition of a backup plan, data recovery, network configuration and others.

Solve IT requests

It is also the responsibility of IT support to resolve user demands. In many cases, the requests are not related to a problem, but to questions about the use of applications, password recovery, among other issues.

Keep everything online

It is also the duty of support to ensure the availability, stability and constant updating of the customer's IT environment (hardware and software). 

How does IT service work?

Among the solutions available in the IT market, the most common operating models are: 

Remote service

The remote model covers exclusively online service, which provides greater agility and resource savings.

It is carried out through softwares and tools that enable the technician to identify problems, analyze systems, install programs and carry out repairs, all remotely.

Personal assistance

The face-to-face service happens from the displacement of the professional or through scheduled visits. With a more consultative character, this model allows the company to maintain the focus on its core business, but also enables continuous maintenance, data security and network stability.

Mixed service

The mixed model covers both remote and face-to-face service. In this format, displacement is only performed when necessary, while other activities are done remotely.

How to hire IT support?

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), 80% of IT staff's time comes down to routine activities. For some businesses, maintaining these professionals can be costly and is only justified when the area represents the company's core business.

On the other hand, for the market in general, betting on outsourcing IT support reduces costs and increases the expertise of available professionals, resulting in a decrease in response time.

You can already understand the importance of IT support for the smooth running of the business, right? With a specialized company, many problems can be solved in a practical and fast way, without costing so much.

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