Comprehensive Tutorial for Styling Customer Registration Form with Easy Builder

Comprehensive Tutorial for Styling Customer Registration Form with Easy Builder
By  Admin  |   13 Mar 2024

Comprehensive Tutorial for Styling Customer Registration Form with Easy Builder  

In this tutorial, we will conclude the creation of the customer registration form using Easy Builder. In the final step, we will focus on applying styles to the components and enhancing the application's design. We will utilize CSS, a styling language that provides customization options for both specific components and the entire application. 

Step 1: Choosing Between Component CSS and Custom CSS: 

  • Easy Builder offers two options: Component CSS and Custom CSS.  

  • Component CSS is quick and beginner-friendly, while Custom CSS provides greater flexibility.  

Step 2: Adding Styles with Component CSS: 

  • Add a class called "box" to the desired component.  

  • Select the background option, choose a color, and activate the "Border" function with a 15-pixel radius to round the edges.  

  • Click "Save" to preserve the style.  

Step 3: Styling the Customer Label: 

  • Click on the customer label and add the "title" class.  

  • Set the size to 30 pixels, choose the font color, and add a top margin of 20 pixels relative to the box.  

  • Save the style to apply the changes.  

Step 4: Exploring Custom CSS: 

  • Despite requiring more code, Custom CSS offers greater flexibility.  

  • Access Custom CSS by clicking on "dev properties" and searching for "Custom CSS" in the top menu.  

Step 5: Applying Custom CSS for Specific Components: 

  • To modify specific styles, enter "radio" for the radio button and "input style" for other fields.  

  • Execute the form after completing this step. 

Next Steps: Explore More Features in Easy Builder

We've completed this tutorials series, making form creation in Easy Builder simple and efficient. Stay tuned for upcoming tutorials where we will explore the platform's key components. If you have questions or need more information about Easy Builder, check out our other tutorials on YouTube. 


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