Crucial differences between forms and pages in Easy Builder

Crucial differences between forms and pages in Easy Builder
By  Admin  |   10 Jan 2024

Crucial differences between forms and pages in Easy Builder   

Easy Commtech is launching a revolutionary no-code development tool on the market: Easy Builder. This powerful platform allows users to create a variety of resources, from customized websites to complex systems such as ERP and CRM, all without requiring programming knowledge.

With over 15 years' experience in the development market, Easy Commtech has identified and solved its clients' main pain points in a single platform: Easy Builder.  

Starting today, we are beginning a series of articles to enable YOU to build your projects from scratch using Easy Builder, regardless of your technical knowledge.   

What makes a Form different from a Page?  

Questions often arise about the difference between a form and a page within Easy Builder. The crucial distinction lies in the ease of construction and the database.  

The form offers automatic creation and editing of records, as well as an organized view of the information in a data grid. It also creates the table in the database without the need for complex user settings.  

On the other hand, the page offers greater flexibility, allowing several forms to be integrated on a single screen. This can be used for displaying or storing data. Pages can be static, contain control panels, customized forms, data grids and various other scenarios, as demonstrated in our tutorials available on the channel.  

However, this extra flexibility requires more detailed configuration on the part of the user. In short: a form can exist without a page, but a page cannot exist without a form, since it is the form that generates the table in the database.  

Explore and learn more  

If you want to explore more about Easy Builder or have questions about how it works, check out our detailed tutorials on our YouTube channel. In addition, we are available for direct contact to help you with anything you need.

Join the no-code development revolution with Easy Builder from Easy Commtech and unleash your creative potential without technical limitations! 


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