Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing: How to use it in your business

Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing: How to use it in your business
By  Admin  |   05 Jul 2021

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) inside companies is quite common to hear that this technology is used only by experts, with a data infrastructure and a high capital. But, did you know that this concept is no longer a reality for some time? 

Nowadays, 40% of brazilian companies already make use of Artificial Intelligence in some internal process, according to a survey by BPM. This technology has been increasingly adopted, mainly as a tool in cloud computing services. 

The union between AI and Cloud computing brings very significant advantages for corporations as it favors the company's growth, reduces costs and helps in decision making. 

Do you want to know more about this topic? Keep reading and find out the benefits that Artificial Intelligence in Cloud computing can bring to your business!  

What is Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing?

Artificial Intelligence is the union of two technological tools that improve the ability to generate, store, read, and analyze a large amount of data and, consequently, create more assertive forecasts.

In today's models, Cloud computing is essential for Artificial Intelligence since, with this tool, it becomes easier to access data, not to mention that it enables companies to deal with the necessary scale of information, while serving any customer. The internal work of the organization also gets easier with this union. 

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Cloud computing

Now that you understand what Cloud Artificial Intelligence is, how about discovering what are the main advantages of this technology?

Access to different data

Cloud AI working together gives the company access to information about data that has never been mapped before.

In addition, with Artificial Intelligence, more information is fed, which makes the systems learn what needs to be performed to deliver more assertive references for companies. 

More efficient information management

Using AI with Cloud data solutions is more likely to scale applications, set standards, and drive innovation in businesses. 

Artificial Intelligence can also be used if the company needs to move data between infrastructures and cloud environments.

Faster decision making

When a company connects its data in a cloud environment, it is able to more easily identify patterns in the datasets. That's why cloud AI takes data analytics to a different level. 

This automation eliminates human errors, which speeds up the entire data analysis process, benefiting both the company and its customers in terms of faster and more targeted decision making. 

Cost reduction 

The savings that cloud AI technology provides is considered one of its greatest benefits. With this model, the company buys only the storage it will use, when needed, without spending money on fixed infrastructure expenses.

Based on these savings, the company can direct its investments towards further development of Artificial Intelligence.

The truth is, when AI is worked in a cloud environment, everyone benefits. Employees get data based on real features and information, while customers get more assertive recommendations. With that, business is boosted!

We must agree that being digital is no longer an option, is it? It's a matter of survival in a market where competition is so fierce! So don’t wait to invest in AI.  

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