7 tips to create your first client portfolio

7 tips to create your first client portfolio
By  Admin  |   19 mar 2021

Prospecting clients and having a good partnership with them is one of the main topics for a company's success, but that doesn’t sound easy, right? Stay cool. Structuring a clients portfolio may help your company to grow and get results in the short or long term. Sales increase, satisfaction and customer loyalty are just a few of the benefits that a good portfolio can bring to your business. 

Do you want to add these gains but don’t know where to start? Check out 7 tips that we’ve prepared for you to structure your first portfolio: 


This concept is more popular in the marketing world. A client portfolio is a segmented list of the various groups or people that keeps a relationship with the salesmen. It’s one of the most valuable resources that a company can have and the more organized a company is, the greater are the chances to get good results. Do you know how to design a client portfolio? See how below. 

  1. Define who’s your audience

Before selling, effectively, you have to know who you want to talk to. Who’s your ideal audience? With whom the company wants to relate. Company wants to relate to people or other businesses? Where are they now? What are the problems to be faced? What are their values and interests? From these questions, deepen your knowledge to define a real customer profile. This is the first and perhaps more important task to create a portfolio.

  1. Network

Your business doesn’t need to draw clients only through profiles and commercial fanpages. Personal pages can also be great allies in networking. Contact old friends, former bosses and former work colleagues to present your company’s proposal and, who knows, even winning a new client. LinkedIn is the perfect social media for that! 

  1. Segment your portfolio

After defining your audience, now is the time to segment the clients in your portfolio. Here, you need to create groups according to the needs of customers and understand what differs from one profile to another.

Good targeting arises as you study your audience. The idea is that your first customer portfolio will serve as a basis for personalized and effective communication with the different groups that make up your audience.

  1. Hire good salespeople

A shortcut that many companies take to boost their customer base is to hire salespeople who already have a loyal audience. It's a good strategy, but be careful: just as you win customers that way, your competitors can do the same.

  1. Attend events and offer courses

New customers are where you least expect them, for that reason, attend events, fairs and meetings that can be opportunities to meet new clients, build relationships and increase your networking. 

Make yourself present

Another way to attract new clients is to offer courses and lectures for the audience to know more about your company. Nothing like building a portfolio with customers who already know the capabilities of your business!

  1. Create Key Performance Indicators

Tracking your company's performance is a big step towards success. Knowing how sales are growing monthly, for example, helps to visualize the results achieved and think of strategies to improve actions aimed at the customer.

  1. Take Advantage of Technology

Do you want to optimize the sales process, manage relationships and save time and order? Take advantage of the technology! More than an ally, it offers effective solutions for organizing processes. Use this to your advantage and watch the impact that technological tools bring to business.


From the moment you learn to design your first customer portfolio, the results arrive quickly, because a good portfolio increases audience loyalty. Afterwards, keep taking care of your portfolio and invest in communicating with your audience. 

Now that you know how to build a customer base, find out how to be a great salesperson. 

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